Wednesday, June 30, 2010

My new place!

So, I bought a townhouse in American Fork. It is pretty exciting to think I will be moving into my own place soon. I had hoped to move this past weekend, but thanks to the dog hair and dirt left by the previous owner, I spent that time cleaning and trying to whip the new place into shape. Here are a some pics of the master bedroom, taken with my phone. Tell me what you think?

I will be chaning it FOR SURE!!

Friday, January 22, 2010

More pictures of the FoT

Some how these pictures didn't make it into the last post, although I had attached them. I need to log in and update things more, maybe I would learn how to blog better. lol

Christmas 2009

These are just a few pictures of the Christmas Tree my mother designed for the Festival of Trees charity, held here in Salt Lake. The Festival raises money for Primary Children's Hospital, and helps children and families when medical expenses become catastrophic.

I have for the past 24 years been part of my mothers vision in that I help to decorate the tree. The Festival runs the week following Thanksgiving each year, and we decorate on Monday of that week. This year the theme was not specific, just Christmas in general. I enjoyed decorating this year in a way I have not for a while. Maybe that is because two years ago the stress of it all made decorating day ruff. Last year we didn't do a tree, so this year was a return to a tradition that felt like christmas and like the charity event that the festival is meant to be. Hope you like the pictures.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Fun at the Utah State Fair. With my niece, Jada.

Long time.....

So, it has been a long time since I posted a note here. Too long, most of you, my friends have probably forgotten that I even have a blog. :-) Me to a tee, huh? lol

To easy myself back in posting more, I am going to start here.

I am sad! Being single sucks! Life is too big for one person, you need two. At least!
Jesus is my Savior, and knowing that makes the sadness easier. Even when I cry, I know my life isn't as bad as it could be, so my life isn't tragic. I love my friends. Not all of them love me back, and that is OK, life isn't a balance sheet. I need to learn to receive, with a more gracious heart.
Gratitude strengthens our hearts and our faith. Choose to be happy. Be honest. Give generously with you heart and your means.

None of this is original in thought. But they are all ideas that make me happy, even the sadness stuff, because without sadness how would we understand happiness?

Love and Peace. Christian

Friday, January 23, 2009

Ok, so yes, these pictures pretty much stink!  But I took them anyway and they make me Happy!  Tonight I went to a concert at Murray Theater on State street. The theater is across the street from the hospital were I work and for a couple of weeks now I have seen the name Adele on the marquee.  Being an Adele fan, I was not convinced at first that it was "the Adele" that would be here tonight doing a gig, but it was and I am so happy and feel so fortunate that I was able to attend the concert tonight.  Adele is a 20 year old from England, and just a few months ago had her first album released.  I think she is amazing, talented and indeed worthy of each of the Grammy nominations she has received this year.  If you have not heard her music, go to your favorite music store or music web site and get her album "19".   I will try and add her song "Hometown Glory" to my blog here so you all can get a small sample of her work. Please let me know what you all think, and share some of your favorite music and artists in return.   God Bless!  Chris

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Miss Tanner at the Christmas Tree

The Frogs were animated, his tongue would retract and then Hit the second frogs head in attempt to get that fly!

The alligator was animated, open mouth to closed mouth.

Hey all y'all, these are some pictures I took on the 22nd at Zoo Lights.  A couple of my friends and I took Tanner, the daughter of my good friend Shannon to see the lights at the Zoo.  It was a great night, the clouds had started moving in keeping it warmer than I had expected which was a bonus in my book.  Unfortunately most of the animals were "in" for the night but we did get to see some of the big cats, which we were told are more active in the cold.  I think I might need to back in the day light just to see them again, in better conditions.  This was a fun activity for us all, we played in the snow, we got a nice walk in and a ride on the carousel. If you live here in Utah and want a fun evening activity with the family I recommend taking the time to go up to the zoo for Zoo Lights.  The cost was $6 dollars a person, a little steep if you have more than 5 kids, but fun none the less. And, the tropical garden is open, it is a warm green house that has fun lights and pretty flowers.  :-)