Saturday, December 27, 2008

Miss Tanner at the Christmas Tree

The Frogs were animated, his tongue would retract and then Hit the second frogs head in attempt to get that fly!

The alligator was animated, open mouth to closed mouth.

Hey all y'all, these are some pictures I took on the 22nd at Zoo Lights.  A couple of my friends and I took Tanner, the daughter of my good friend Shannon to see the lights at the Zoo.  It was a great night, the clouds had started moving in keeping it warmer than I had expected which was a bonus in my book.  Unfortunately most of the animals were "in" for the night but we did get to see some of the big cats, which we were told are more active in the cold.  I think I might need to back in the day light just to see them again, in better conditions.  This was a fun activity for us all, we played in the snow, we got a nice walk in and a ride on the carousel. If you live here in Utah and want a fun evening activity with the family I recommend taking the time to go up to the zoo for Zoo Lights.  The cost was $6 dollars a person, a little steep if you have more than 5 kids, but fun none the less. And, the tropical garden is open, it is a warm green house that has fun lights and pretty flowers.  :-)  

Sunday, December 14, 2008

So I have been a renter in this little apartment for 5 and a half years now and I have never had a tree at christmas time.  Well I changed that this year and as you can see from the pictures, I think it was a good decision.  My windows are great, they have really deep sils and are 4 ft tall.  The tallest tree was suppose to only be 4 feet, but I think it is a bit taller, I had to bend the top over to get it to fit.  I found the group of three at Biglots, actually that is where I found every thing.  I like the way they look and I am glad I took the time to find the trees and to put them up in my home.  I have a friend at work and she has 3 trees in her front room too.  Hers are larger but having seen them and having heard the story "The Three Trees"  copying her idea on a smaller scale seemed like a good idea.  And it has been, I feel the spirit of this wonderful season in a deeper way this year.  Christmas has felt too commercial the last few years, in my book, so this has been a nice surprise for me.  I am glad to have a tree in my home this year.  Well,  Merry Christmas everyone!!  

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Hello and Happy Holidays to everyone.  For the  22 years preceding this year our family holiday kick off has been to decorate a Christmas tree for a local charity called "The Festival of Trees"    Each tree is decorated by volunteers and donated to the festival, and then in a silent auction the trees are bid on and sold to the highest bidder with all proceeds going to Primary Children's Hospital here in Salt Lake City.  Each year hundreds of thousand of dollars are raised in this week long festival which then equal medical treatment for children who are uninsured or underinsured, and live here in the Intermountain West.  From cities and towns in Utah, Idaho, Colorado, Wyoming and even as far away as Arizona and Nevada.  Each year we have looked forward to decorating our tree and to seeing the myriad ideas that surround us on the other trees.  Each year it also seems that one or two trees really stand out because of the time and creativity involved in them.  Several years ago it was a wooden train that sat on 50 feet of track and was large enough to hold children. Wish I had pictures because it was an amazing feat of time and wood working. This year it was the tree in the pictures I have posted here. The tree was created by a glass blower here in Utah and comissioned by a wealthy and generous family who always lovingly  give time and generosity to charitable events like the Festival of Trees.  I hope you enjoy the pictures of this beautiful tree.  Wish I had more information about the hours involved in its production, and on the artist so the scope of the project represented better the commitment this man undertook.     Needless to say, this was THE tree at this years festival and rumor has it that it is also the top earning tree ever in the festivals 36 years.  I hope this also inspires those of you who have the time and resources to add to the generosity of the season by giving of your time and energies to benefit those who are less fortunate in your own communities.  May God bless us all and keep us ever mindful of the blessings that are ours, most especially our freedoms and liberties as citizens of the USA.  

Saturday, November 1, 2008


So, in reality, I don't take all that many pictures and to be sure there are even fewer that are of me.  I need to change that, I have all these years of my life that are relatively undocumented, I will do my best to change that.   Hope you all had a great Halloween,  and Happy Day light savings.   

Monday, October 27, 2008

Secrets and lies.

So, if one has a secret, not a bad secret, but a secret none the less and once chooses not to share it with say, most everyone he knows, does that make one a liar? When one goes to work, or the store, or church or a friends birthday party and puts a smile on their face and holds back the tears and anger and fear, are they lying to those around them? Is it a show of inner strength and love for others when one carries a burden and keeps it unseen and unshared? Which is the better choice, to lean upon our friends and seek their counsel, or to just smile and smile and smile and smile and smile and smile and ...............

Thursday, October 16, 2008


Oh and I promise I will soon put some pics up of me and my friend and my D O G!! Layla is a sweet thang that keeps me happy and healthy, walking her gets me out of the house into fresh air and the beauty of the world. Thanks you cute dog-o-mine. hehe

Gets wit me peeps!

I am at work today, on TICU at IMED. Translation.. the best damn heart and lung unit in the whole world!! I love it here. The nurses are great, they love me and each one of them has benefited my life by being the great people they are. Especially you Katherine, I een lobe wit jou!! Lane can fight me por jou if he is strowing enoff.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Well hello bloggers!

In the last couple of months I have recieved more than one email with a link to friends blog. Seeing how much fun they seem to have posting pics and sharing stories, I have chosen to join the ranks. I doubt I will be as successful as most others, as I don't really have much of a life. Yet I find the idea of using this bit of the web as a way to vent or just share. So say Hi, leave me love notes, tell me how deeply you adore me and I will respond in kind. :-) Love yer guts!!